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Wine Tasting: Taste


In our wine tasting series so far we have looked at colour and how to identify the exact hue and appearance of your Prosecco or wine, and learnt how to swirl and smell. All of this should have left you eager to taste, with an idea forming in the mind of exactly what you are going to experience!

There is a lot more to tasting wine or Prosecco than the simple flavour. To begin take a small sip and let it sit in your mouth for a second to absorb the flavor. Briefly swirl it around your mouth to make sure it coats your entire tongue before you swallow. There is a good scientific reason for this; the different parts of the tongue experience different flavours more intensely. These are:

  • Tip of the Tongue: Sweetness
  • Inner sides of the tongue: Sour / Acid
  • Outer sides of the tongue: Saltiness
  • Back of tongue: Bitter / Alcohol
Now there are a series of questions to ask; do the flavors correspond with the smells from earlier? Can you identify a fruit, mineral or spice? What did you notice about the body? How long did the flavour linger?  Anything you can identify assists a good tasting. It may help to smell the Prosecco or wine again to try and clarify some of your conclusions. Perhaps the most important question though is ‘did you like it and why?’

Finally swallow or spit out the wine. This is purely dependant on your preference as a wine taster and the circumstances of the tasting, you will learn what suits you best.

With all these wine tasting tips we hope you enjoy sampling the delights of Prosecco DOCG and creating a Follador Prosecco portfolio!