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Wine Tasting: Swirl & Smell


After looking at colour and identifying the exact hue and appearance of your wine, the next stage in wine tasting is to swirl and then smell! 

The swirling of the glass releases the wine’s aromas to the top edge of the glass and mixes with the air, allowing it to breathe.To correctly swirl the wine make sure that the glass is no more than a third or quarter full. Hold the glass carefully by the stem and gently swirl in either direction.

After swirling quickly bring the glass to your nose, and smell into the space of the glass where the scents are rounded up. You will detect some extremely clear aromas, that may seem to have no business in wine! However, whatever scent you distinguish most likely isn’t a figment of your imagination, as swirling vapourises the aromatic compounds in the wine so they can be smelt.

What aromas can you detect within the glass? Can you smell fruit or florals, woody or caramalised scents, a pungent or earthy smell? All of this will begin to give you an idea of what the wine may taste like.

There are also different techniques to sniffing. Some people prefer short, quick sniffs, while others like to inhale deeply. A less common technique is to hold one nostril closed and smell with the other. Time and practice will help you to develop the approach that most suits you. Why not start with Follador Prosecco Bottle of the Month and see if you can identify the fruity and spicy elements!