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What is Wine Tasting?


Wine tasting is the art of using the senses to discover and appreciate wine. Using the basic senses one can learn to perceive the slightest nuances in the taste and aroma of wine and begin to appreciate the origin and journey from the grape to the finished the product.

Wine tasting goes back in history almost as long as wine itself has been around. There is evidence to show that formalised wine tasting began to take effect in the 14th century, however this is not to say that it hasn’t been around for a lot longer!

In fact although wine tasting as we know it may have been around for hundreds of years, the reasons for tasting has changed somewhat over the years. From usage in ceremonial events and religion to the application of wine for medicinal purposes, the vocabularly and the connations for its use will has changed according to social and economic circumstances.

Over the next few months we will be detailing the basics and intricacies of wine tasting. Practice and exploration will help to construct an inventory of impressions, smells, and tastes. Of course we are sure that many of you are already seasoned wine tasters, and Follador Prosecco look forward to hearing about any tips you may have to share; we would also love to hear your reports on our Prosecco Superiore!