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Truffle Fairs


During the months of October and November truffle fairs are big business in Italy. Truffles are oddly shaped, warty looking fungi, but at the same time are one of the worlds most luxurious and prized delicacies, so something that works well with Follador Prosecco!

There are two main types of truffle, the French black truffle and the . It is this white truffle that is the more valuable. (It can cost between £600 – £1,200 a kilogram). This is because the white truffle is rarer, easily spoiled and its scent fades quicker after harvest. With their very own irreplaceable flavour and celebrity status it isn’t surprising that white truffles have their own festivals dedicated to them!

One of the most famous festivals to celebrate this Italian speciality is the Alba White Truffle Festival. The Piedmont town of Alba hosts this festival at weekends throughout the month of October and November. This is one of the biggest truffle festivals in Italy and events include concerts, food stalls, truffle tours and auctions and even donkey racing.

San Miniato Truffle Fair, (La Sagra del Tartufo Bianco), takes place in Tuscany in the medieval hill town of San Miniato on the second, third and fourth weekends in November.  November is the main month in Tuscany for truffle gathering and 25% of Italy’s white truffles are produced in this territory. There are also festivals in Le Marche and Umbria.

So what to do with your truffle after you have bought one ? Take it to your local restaurant and ask them to grate it onto your meal. Perfect when enjoyed with a glass of Follador Prosecco D.O.C.G.