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Tasting of Follador’s D.O.C.G. Millesimato Extra Brut.


A wine that conveys the mineral notes of the land

Wine tasting is a sophisticated art that requires great experience and technical expertise.

It is a very precise process which is divided into three distinct stages:

  • first there is the visual analysis to establish the colour and nuances of the wine;
  • this is followed by the olfactory analysis which examines the complexity of the aromas and the overall aromatic finesse of the wine;
  • the final stage is the all-important analysis of the flavour, which determines its intensity and characteristics.

We have published a number of videos of tastings on our social media channels. These tastings are held by Federico Salvador, one of Azienda Follador’s expert oenologists, who carries out a sensory examination of our top D.O.C.G. wines, starting with the Millesimato Extra Brut. The base wine is obtained from pressed grapes which are cryomacerated using the Gianfranco Follador® Method. Secondary fermentation takes place in autoclaves with the Martinotti (Charmat) method, with steady fermentation followed by a long period on the lees at 0°. It is an extremely slow and meticulous process, aimed at enhancing the properties of the grapes and preserving their fragrance. 

Upon visual examination, the wine has a straw yellow colour with lime green reflections and a very fine bead.

Federico Salvador then carries out the olfactory analysis, which reveals an intense aroma of green apple, pear, lime, fresh flowers and citrus fruits. Then it is time to finally taste the wine, which is well-structured and harmonious, offering strong mineral notes thanks to the particularly clayey and chalky characteristics of the vineyards’ soil.

Follador’s Millesimato Extra Brut is excellent as an aperitif and, since it should be served at 8°C, is also perfect throughout the meal.