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Recipe of the Month: Fresh Pasta


Our Bottle of the Month Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso  Brut is an excellent accompaniment to light pasta dishes. With this in mind, and looking forward to World Pasta  Day on the 25th October Follador Prosecco wanted to tell you how to make your very own pasta!


  • 200g tipo ’00’ flour (farina di grano tenero)
  • 2 medium-sized eggs

1. Place all of the flour on a clean non-stick surface or in a large bowl. Make a well in the middle of the flour and break the eggs into the well.

2. Beat the eggs with a folk until smooth and then using your fingers mix the eggs with the flour until fully combined.

3. Shape the dough into one large ball and knead well to develop the gluten (without  which the pasta will be soft and unresponsive) then wrap in clingfilm and leave for about 30 minutes or until you are ready to use.

4. If using a machine divide the pasta dough into 4 portions and put each one through your pasta machine starting at the highest setting. Keep repeating and turning down the settings until you get to number 1 and your pasta dough is almost wafer-thin.

5. If rolling by hand separate the dough into smaller pieces and using a long rolling pin roll till it is wafer thin.

6. Place the sheets of pasta onto a Tipo ’00’ floured surface and use according to your recipe. Remember to cut or use asap as pasta dries out very quickly.

Finally enjoy your finished meal with a glass of your favourite Prosecco Superiore!