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Prosecco Tasting Route: IV


The next stage on our tour of the towns and villages of the Prosecco Tasting Trail brings us to Refrontolo; home to approximately 1,800  inhabitants andwith the  patron saint of Santa Margherita. The territory of Refrontolo extends between a succession of hills with scenic prosecco vineyard landscapes along the valley.

Refrontolo has a strong historical presence both in terms of its longevity and in its prosecco production. There is written evidence of Refrontolo from 1075 and certainly, its current name was in existence from the 1540’s. The wine produced in the area of ​​Refrontolo, is mentioned in an historical document of November 6, 1431, in which the Doge of the Serenissima asks the mayor of Conegliano ‘Stefano Erizzo’, to send him the usual array of good wine! Grapes produced in the area are also mentioned in a book in 1679 by Agostinetti of Cimadolmo, who mentions the different grapes growing in Refrontolo.

While traveling through the hills of Refrontolo a short detour will bring you to to the Molinetto Della Croda, a place of true Italian beauty and magic. This 17th century mill has been partially built into the rockface and the River Lierza Waterfall tumbles down next to it and into the pool. The mill was in use until1953, when it was then left to decay. It has now been fully renovated and is a fully operational mill and educational centre and there are stunning walks into the woodlands and to the top of the waterfall.

For more information on local wine tasting in Refrontolo please visit the local tourist information.