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Prosecco’s success and correcting mixed messages


Success, in any sector or context will involve reactions and effects. There will be admiration, but there is also the proliferation of incorrect information.

The same inevitably had to happen with the boom of Prosecco, a phenomenon that has brought Italian wine into vogue in many foreign markets where our oenological products had previously suffered from an accentuated decline in demand. At this point, it is the right product in the right historical moment and a number of key producers, through strong commitment and investment, are justifiably seizing upon that zeitgeist.

Abroad, Prosecco is now on the shelf with Champagne and enjoys a very high reputation. We should all be happy with this success but, as anticipated, we must also debunk some prejudices.

First of all, the myth of quantity: it is not true that “Prosecco is mass-produced.” There is actually less DOCG produced than there is Champagne. That said, demand is constantly increasing and the producers in this region work hard to maintain excellent quality levels, including us at the Follador Company. We have recently instituted an exclusive wine-making method that will soon enable us to boost production while maintaining the quality our prestigious international clients expect.

Prosecco of medium-low quality at medium-low prices is what many encounter when they go to large retailers, but now consumers are aware that, if they want a product of excellence, the price must not be so low.

Also in this respect, customer education is important and this is where the Consorzio del Conegliano Valdobbiadene is very involved. Still, individual producers bear some responsibility in spreading the word- and correct information- while promoting their product. We at Follador work at this aspect every day.