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Prosecco Professionals


So, who exactly works at a winery to ensure the polished taste and elegance of  Prosecco Treviso

The Cellar Hand: This a great entry-level wine job in the wine industry and functions around assisting winemakers with the vinification process. You will assist with harvesting, labelling and bottling, fermentation and analysis. The perfect way to learn the art from a cellar master – the individual who has overall supervision in all aspects of the winery cellars.

The Grounds Supervisor means managing and observing the winery grounds from the outdoors. You may be responsible for plantings, tree trimming and spraying, and for recording and monitoring any changes due to climate and weather anomilies.

The Vineyard Manager co-ordinates and harmonises a vineyard and management plan. The post could include planning, scheduling, planting, crop load management and harvest coordination. In this job, you would work closely with the winemaker or oenologist to augment  quality of the crop.

An Oenologist is a specialist in winemaking, someone who has had years of experience studying all aspects of wine and winemaking (not including vine-growing and grape-harvesting, which belongs to a whole other job category called viticulture). This person deals with wine quality assurance  in order to meet the superior quality standards required in the DOCG region.

These are just a few of the jobs that are available in the wine industry and that are employed at Follador Winery, but of course you also need someone who is a master in all areas of winemaking, to oversee the entire operation and who has a passion and commitment to prosecco wine and the region. We at Follador Prosecco are lucky to have Gianfranco Follador in that position!