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Prosecco, nutritional information from the Extra Dry to the low-calorie wines.


Italy has a very strong and consolidated food and wine tradition; one of the cornerstones of which is that a meal is never complete without a glass of wine: it's healthy, livens up the occasion and intensifies the flavours of the food.

But these days, quite correctly, far more attention is paid to the importance of a balanced diet, to the nutritional value of food and drink, and to the information provided on food labelling or which can be found online. 

To this end, both via our company website or the Follador online shop, the product information sheets for each product can be read and downloaded, they include all the technical and nutritional information necessary to enable consumers to be fully informed and aware of the product's content.

Let's see what we consume when we enjoy a glass of Prosecco, the spumante that's gaining more and more popularity throughout the world. The average calorie count is 70, 96% of which is carbohydrates and 4% protein. Prosecco doesn't contain any fats and the total amount of carbohydrates is very low too. 

The quantity of residual sugar signifies the wine's "amabilità", a technical adjective which indicates the extent to which the palate perceives the sweetness of the wine. In this case, the content varies depending on the type of Prosecco we are drinking; from a maximum of 22 g/l for a bottle of Cartizze, to 15 for the Extra Dry, down to a value of only 8 g/l for the Brut.

Follador's D.O.C.G. range includes the Millesimato Pas Dosé, a harmonious Prosecco that is also produced using the exclusive Metodo Gianfranco Follador® method. A low-calorie wine with decisive mineral notes, delicate and pleasantly dry, with absolutely zero residual sugar. A product which represents the excellence that this territory has become renowned for, and that will surely be appreciated by those who wish to enjoy an excellent Superiore without compromising their diet