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Prosecco DOC & DOCG: Taste and Style


So what is it that makes Treviso Prosecco just so stylish and tasteful? Is it the area of growth, the types of grapes, or the high class production system used by Follador Prosecco? Well, the answer is, probably a combination of all 3 of these things!

Traditionally Prosecco is a very light and sparkling wine with just a touch of sweetness, yet noted for its naturally dry characteristics and slightly bitter aftertaste.  In Italy Prosecco is always ready to be poured when guests arrive, it is very flexible and  is served as a welcome drink, an apéritif, and also with meals.

Prosecco is made from the Glera grape and the vine is strong and robust with quite large, long  clusters of golden yellow grapes. It is a combination of these grapes and the perfect climate in the Veneto Region that merge to create the perfect Prosecco. The region provides the correct soil composition, sunlight exposed hills, consistent rainfall, constant mild temperatures between April and October, and marked temperature changes during the ripening season.

The rise in popularity of Prosecco in the last few decades caused an over-growth and over-production of wine in a wide variety of styles and prices, weakening the brand. The DOC zone was changed to DOCG status in 2009 to protect the yields and quality of prosecco production as well as the Prosecco name.

All of these factors are brought together to produce the superior and stylish Treviso Prosecco that Follador are proud to produce!