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News from the Winery: peeling and shearing the screw


We are now entering the month of August and at Follador Prosecco our vineyards are very busy and productive. At this time of the month we are ‘peeling and shearing the screw’.

The peeling is the cutting, trimming and shortening of the green shoots. This is applied to any shoot that exceeds the limit of the roof of the pergola or height limit. It is the effective elimination of these leaves in the area of ​​the clusters,

It ‘an intervention that must be done early in the stages of flowering to fruit set and subsequently requires finishing during the summer. In the final phase we eliminate the leaves in shady areas and older leaves as they are less efficient in performing photosynthesis.

Although it seems that we are limiting our vines growth, the extra shoots may limit the efficiency of the plants and create microclimate conditions that are not optimal to grape development.

All very scientific stuff, but we endeavour to use the best methods available to create our Prosecco DOCG!