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New data on the international success of Prosecco


According to recent data released by Ovse, the Economic Observatory of sparkling wines, the value of Italian wine exports reached record figures in the first six months of 2016. This success is primarily due to the so-called “Prosecco System“. DOCG Proseccos in particular, have seen an increase in sales volume by a remarkable 12%. With the Christmas holidays still to come, the unofficial season of sparkling wine for celebrations, the second half of the year promises to be even better.

Exports are concentrated in three countries: United Kingdom, USA and Germany. But there are also increasing orders coming from France, where Prosecco has become the number one imported sparkling wine. The main reason for this international success is most certainly due to the high quality of the product, in particular that of the Superiore DOCG Terroir, such as the Conegliano Valdobbiadene which is the area that houses the Follador vineyards.

But there are also other reasons. One being the steadfast effort put forth by the Consortium and individual companies to understand the needs of different markets. Meeting demand by shipping at adequate capacity further propelled Prosecco to the fore. Efforts to combat counterfeiting and initiating effective campaigns and communication round out the many contributing factors to Prosecco’s success in all markets.

A culture of education and promoting knowledge should also be supported internally within the market. Not only to boost sales, but also to promote truly sustainable supply for increased demand of an Italian product that is important on so many levels. It is a great wealth of tradition, well-being, conviviality and good taste to which we at the Follador Company are proud to belong and to make our contribution.