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It’s time to Toast Carnivale with Follador


Soon the squares and streets of Venice will be filled with the colorful costumed masses that anually come from around the globe to celebrate Carnival, which this year will start earlier than usual on January 27th. As always, the most important events take place on Thursday and especially on Fat Tuesday, February 13th. The following day, with Ash Wednesday, the party officially closes and gives way to Lent. Venice is known in Italy and abroad as one of the most elegant and lively places to celebrate carnivale. From the beginning, century after century, masks and costumes have been inspired with creativity that knows no bounds.

The list of events is appetizing to those who hunger for artistic celebrations, perhaps this year more than ever before. There are always the traditional festivities, which are recreated year after year- such as the exciting flight of the Angel on February 4 which officially opens the celebration at the Piazza San Marco.

To get a full itinerary and decide where you need to go to experience your perfect Carnivale, we recommend visiting the official website of the event or check out the facebook page dedicated to the event. In just a few days, it already has more than 30 thousand people interested. The Venice Carnival is one of the main European events dedicated to fun, games and conviviality. And where conviviality reigns, Follador Prosecco is at home.

Our story began with the certification of quality signed by a Doge so long ago. The Follador Company has continued its profound link with Venice and its international reknown, as shown by our growing success on the global market.