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Follador: goes where Prosecco takes you.


Go where Prosecco takes you“, is the title of a recent article in the financial newspaper, Il sole 24 Ore. The article shares research showing that Prosecco is the most sought-after food and wine products appreciated by tourists visiting our country.
The data is derived from Google Trends, the application that quantifies which terms users are typing more frequently into the search engine. This tabulation of search queries was presented at the first edition of “Food & Wine Tourism” an event aimed at operators in the tourism industry, recently held in Piedmont. This flattering result shows that there is a keen interest in Prosecco by tourists coming to Italy to e joy our great winemaking tradition. This Google research also highlights the steady and continuous increase in Prosecco’s international success, which has expanded beyond the market leader of Great Britain, to include other countries of the extreme northern Europe.

While Prosecco’s popularity speaks volumes about the quality of the product, the fact that Prosecco ranked first in Google searches compared to other items of Italy’s rich and varied food and wine tradition is certainly also due to the resources and efforts that the Conegliano Valdobbiadene companies put forward in the promotion of shared values, both individually and through actions undertaken by the Protection Consortium.
This is an effort in which the Follador Company actively participates, from its presence at major competitive events, such as the recent final of the 75th Italian Open, to events that combine sport to raise funds for charitable causes, such as the Foundation Vialli and Mauro Golf Cup.  Follador is present in contexts related to the world of art and culture, such as our designation as Official Suppliers to major exhibitions at the National Gallery. Lastly, we also consider dialogue with consumers and transparency on our production method to be a required aspect- and that’s why we have  produced a video showing how our wine is made.