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Combai Chestnut Festival


The start of November not only signals the start of the Christmas countdown, it also sees the end of the end of the Combai Chesnut Festival in Treviso! This annual festival is one of the most popular food celebrations in the Veneto region, where over 3 weeks the delights of Combai chestnuts are feted.

Combai chestnuts have been awarded the IGP. This stands for ‘Italian Products Guaranteed’ and is a marketing company of Italian food products. This award is a mark of guarantee and quality for goods that have been produced in Italy and can be exported, so as you can see these chestnuts are not your average fare, but Italian through and through!

The festival itself is an eclectic but wondrous mix of tradition, taste and nature and has been hosted for over 60 years. The festival includes educational workshops, nature trails and hikes, tours of the chestnut woods, arts and crafts, sports events, shows and themed menus. Over the years thousands of visitors, local, national and foreign have participated.  This year there was a complete range of chestnut based products to sample, including beers, jams and desserts, alongside many other creative and ingenious offerings.

The festival is also a great chance to explore the other areas in Treviso, such as the beautiful Treviso hills, the famous DOCG vineyards where prosecco grapes are grown and of course Follador Prosecco winery, where we may be able to tempt you to try a glass of Prosecco Superior!

Image: Treviso Combai Chestnut Festival