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Cartizze Follador: the prince of Prosecco


The name “Cartizze” indicates a wine at the top tier of quality in a DOCG; subjected to specific discipline and coming from a steep and sunny area of ​​Conegliano Valdobbiadene. The area is characterized by rocky terrain that coaxes the vine to yield limited but very high quality fruit.

According to legend, the name derives from the term “gardizze”, a term from old dialect referring to racks used for drying grapes. In fact, in ancient times Wine made in the Cartizze area was very different. The grapes were harvested late, when they began to show the first signs of natural drying and the sugar content naturally increased. The Wine made in this way was therefore more of adessert wine.

But around the middle of the last century, the appreciation for sweet wines declined and sparkling wines came to be preferred with very few sugars. This is how the production method of Cartizze became similar to those of the other Prosecco DOCG, with the only difference being the  of slightly delayed harvest. 

The Cartizze of today therefore shares almost all the typical characteristics of Prosecco DOCG, but with a fragrance that is richer and a bit more intense. The Cartizze is part of the DOCG range produced by Follador. With an elegant and floral bouquet and a fruity and intense taste, it is also available in our online shop in the category dedicated to Superiors.