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Can Prosecco be too successful in Britain?


Recently, the influential British newspaper The Telegraph published an extensive article on the growing success of Prosecco in the United Kingdom, penned by the influential columnist Emily Gosden. While pointing out the increased visibility of Prosecco as a brand, the piece also points to data from the branch of the IRI- one of the leading global market surveying institutes- which shows an increase in sales of Prosecco of 34%, contrasted with a much smaller increase in Champagne sales at a mere 1%.

Researcher Toby Magill, who deals with the beer, wine and spirits sector within IRI says that both Prosecco and Champagne are from limited geographic areas and are produced in limited quantities to retain quality standards. He warns that the increase in sales can not indiscriminately increase because this would encourage the entry into the market of products that do not offer the necessary guarantees of quality and origin.

It’s an alarming situation producers need to keep their eye on, however Follador feels it’s in a good position with its DOCG Prosecco since it has established itself in Britain as a prestige brand by being the official supplier of Prosecco for the great events of The National Gallery, among other things.

Incidentally, our prized DOCG Prosecco Cuvée Towers Credazzo can be found inside the Telegraph Wine, the commercial section of the online newspaper run by Waitrose. Succinctly, it’s accompanied by a brief description: “The perfect Prosecco.”