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An Italian Halloween


‘Dolcetto o scherzetto?!’ (trick or treat?)

Halloween in Italy is a relative newcomer to the Italian festival scene. It is only in the past couple of decades that children in Italy have been dressing up in scary costumes, filling themselves with pumpkin risotto and porcini mushrooms and playing practical jokes on people. Although Halloween is fairly new it does fall directly before 2 important holidays in Italy.

The first day of November is Tutti i Santi  (All Saints’ Day) and is a day dedicated to the memory all of the saints and martyrs who have died for the Catholic faith. It is a national holiday, and you’ll actually find most businesses closed. The day is very much family orientated, when the faithful attend mass and families take time to reflect and give thanks.

The 2nd day of November is called ‘Tutti i Morti’ (the Day of the Dead), or All Souls’ Day. It is a day given over to remembering all of our loved ones who have passed away. Traditionally in Southern Italy families prepare a special feast for the souls of the departed on All Souls’ Day. The table is laid with a plentiful meal and the family would all go to church to pray for the souls of the deceased. They stayed there all day, leaving their home open so that the spirits could enter and enjoy the feast. If the family came home to find that their meal hadn’t been accepted it was a sign the spirits disapproved and would work evil against them during the coming year.

Here at Follador Prosecco we wish you all a Buon Halloween and hope that you will be tempting the souls to the departed to your table with the eternally divine Prosecco DOC!