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Along the Prosecco Route (II)


The next stage along the Prosecco Route after Conegliano brings you, via the beautiful vistas of the surrounding hills, to Collabrigo. This little village is situated on the first hills to the west after Conegliano, only 2km out of the city centre, and one of the many surprising and interesting villages scattered along the Prosecco Trail. They may be small but are steeped in history, tradition and wine-making!

The steep hillside of the village offers the perfect home for the sole growing of vines, and has been doing so for a long time as historically this village was a chosen dwelling place of the great families of Serenissima Republica Veneta (Most Serene Republic of Venice) who ensured that the beauty and fertility of the land were protected.

For such a small place there is a relatively large presence of religious architecture, such as the Church of San Dionisio. Although this was rebuilt in the 20th century, it has been on the same site since the 1500’s. Also well worth a visit is the 18th-century Villa Ghetti Montalban. This Venetian villa is situated on top of the hill and is an architectural beauty as well as  home to some of Collabrigio’s grandest historical families.

Of course, perhaps more importantly, there is the winery Collabrigio to visit! For more information please visit the local tourist information.