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Three litres of delicious fizz: jeroboam bottles


​​​​​​​Make this festive season extra special with Follador’s large format bottles!

We’ve all seen Formula 1 and MotoGP winners on the podium posing with over-sized bottles which they shake and pop open, spraying everyone within reach with their sparkling contents in celebration of their victory. The bottles are three-litre jeroboams, named after Jeroboam, an Old Testament king who ruled over the Kingdom of Israel from 930 to 909 B.C.

It is important to remember that wine develops differently in large-sized bottles than in regular 75cl ones: the air bubble between the cork and the wine is smaller, allowing it to age more slowly and giving the aromas greater depth and complexity compared to those in smaller bottles. 

In larger bottles, thermal inertia, namely the wine’s reaction to fluctuations in temperature, is also greater; because the bottles take longer to cool down and warm up, the wine is less susceptible to thermal shock. Another advantage of large format bottles is the wine is better preserved: its contents are protected from the light by the dark glass which is also thicker and proportional to the capacity.

The Follador selection contains two elegant D.O.C.G. jeroboams: its Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry, with its full, inviting and pleasantly medium sweet fragrance, and its Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut, a well-structured wine with a dry finish, an excellent aperitif wine and the ideal accompaniment to light first and second courses. One jeroboam contains the equivalent of four 75cl bottles, serving approximately 24 or 28 glasses; the intermediate size is the magnum, which holds 1.5 litres of wine.

What better occasion than the upcoming festive season to celebrate with a Follador jeroboam? They are also great gift ideas, guaranteed to bring a smile as you share a toast and best wishes for the future!