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5 Follador Facts


So, how much do you know about Follador Prosecco? here are 5 tantalising titbits to remember about us while enjoying a glass of  Prosecco Superiore.

  1. The story of Follador Prosecco started in 1769 when Giovanni Follador received the Wine Quality Award from the Doge of Venice, Alvise IVº Mocenigo. Since then the Follador family has followed in the footsteps of Giovanni,  setting a high quality benchmark for Italian wine made with dedication and devotion.
  2. In 1970, Gianfranco Follador founded Follador Spumanti. He was one of the initial producers of sparkling wine in the Valdobbiadene area. This was the start of Follador Prosecco as we see it today.
  3. Most of the vineyards owned by Follador Prosecco and used for the production of Valdobbiadene Superiore, are strategically positioned to face south-southwest. This is because sun exposure is prevalent on this angle and ensures a favourable ripening of the grapes.
  4. Follador is a family run business. As well as Gianfrance, his wife and 4 children continue to work for the business, incorporating modern production techniques and traditional beliefs and methods. This integration of tradition and modernity is what leads Follador Prosecco DOCG to be one of the finest wines on the market today.
  5. The Follador Winery is situated in Col San Martino and covers an area of 3 hectares. This is divided into three distinct working areas: fermentation, bottling, and cellars. The entire process of prosecco production takes place on site, from the birth of the grapes, to harvest and bottling.